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      What if my Band seems too low/too high compared to the described guidelines?
    • Use this site to document any skill or experience mismatches and then have a discussion with your manager. If your Band seems too high, then present and agree to a plan to bring your skills in line with your level and Band. If you think your Band is too low, document the ways you already have the recommended skills and experience and discuss with your manager.
    • Do I get an Acclaim Badge for any of this?
    • Not yet, but the team is working to have recognized Acclaim badges available in 2019.
    • Do these classes count toward Think40?
    • Yes. The classes automatically link to Think40 through YourLearning.
    • What if I am already an Foundational or Expert level in my job role but haven’t taken all of the classes and earned all of the listed badges? Do I need to retake classes?
    • In general, it is recommended that you take the classes and earn the badges. Some of the classes may be review, but there may also be some forgotten nuggets of wisdom. If you have already taken the class but YL is not showing credit, you may be able to manually mark the class or activity as complete in YL. If you need an exception, please work with your manager.
    • Once I meet all of the guidelines for the next level in my role, do I get promoted?
    • No...at least not automatically. Promotions still require approvals, funding, and an open slot or business need to level-up an existing position. But take heart; meeting the guidelines gives you and your manager the much needed evidence and justification to recommend a promotion.