Full disclosure: You can access most of the classes, guidance, and content described here without this website. However, those tools and recommendations are scattered across W3, and this site was designed as a one-stop portal bringing together the most important, and most Strategic Deal Squad relevant, job role descriptions, classes, and links.

    Exploring this site and the linked resources will help you to:

  • Better understand SDS job roles - your own, and your peers. Perhaps you may even want to explore moving to a new role?
  • Self-assess your current skill level against job role expectations. Are you at the right job role level?
  • Build an actionable plan to fill gaps and acquire the new skills needed to grow in your current role.
  • Set objective expectations and provide evidence for career advancement and planning discussions with you manager.

This site is intended as an optional and supplemental resource to help you grow and advance within the Strategic Deal Squads. We welcome comments and suggestions, which you can provide by clicking here